Budget for 2011-2013 (subject to adjustments)

PhD students and Postdocs 700.000
Research workshops 60.000
Education 35.000
MasterMath 10.000
Visiting positions 45.000
Advisors 80.000
Running costs 70.000
Total 1.000.000

For potential funding of workshops, educational activities and visitor support, please read the relevant paragraph below, and then send your request to the managing director Jan Bouwe van den Berg ( Apply at any time (no deadlines). The board will take a decision within a couple of weeks.

PhD students and Postdocs

There has been a call for proposals and seven projects have been funded. See the Projects page.


There has been a call for proposals (deadline 1 February 2012).

Workshops (research)

The default support for one week research workshops related to NDNS+ is 2500 euro. Support for one day events depends on the scope of the event and has a maximum of 1000 euro. Please submit a budget with your funding application.

Educational activities

Education is a priority for NDNS+ (and the other mathematics clusters). This is also reflected in financial support. Since there is a large variety of possible educational activities, it is advised to present a cost estimate to NDNS+ (with a funding request) at an early stage.

Foreign visitors

There is no longer funding available for international visitors.

Local activities

The funding for local activities has run out.