Maximal regularity for time-dependent problems'

Project `Maximal regularity for time-dependent problems'

The aim of the project is to establish maximal regularity for parabolic evolution equations
with non-smooth time-dependent generator.  Maximal regularity is an important tool to study
nonlinear PDEs with elegant linearization techniques and fixed point arguments.
During the last decade much research has been done in this direction,
but the case of time-dependent generators is not well-understood.
Large classes of parabolic PDEs (e.g. heat, reaction-diffusion, Navier Stokes equations)
with time and space and time-dependent coefficients can be written in this form and in many cases
maximal regularity is unknown.

The project will require tools from functional analysis, harmonic analysis, and PDE.

Requirements: MSc degree in Mathematics or should be about to graduate.
A strong background in functional analysis and/or PDE will be an advantage.

Conditions of employment
The successful candidate will be employed full-time by TU Delft for a
fixed period of 4 years within which he or she is
expected to write a dissertation leading to a doctoral degree (PhD thesis).
salary starts at approx. €2000 and increases up to approx. €2600 in the fourth year.

Additional information can be obtained from Dr. ir. Mark Veraar (
Information on the project can also be found at

Please send your application including a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae before September 7th, 2012.

Best regards,
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