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Repeat the steps to make a total of 21 purple blocks and 21 orange blocks. Some of the projects, such as the sand-coloured angelsí wings, the pigs and the appliqued birds, have been decorated to give a slightly worn or vintage appearance. Then use a decorative machine stitch and contrasting threac to stitch around the circle a second lime. Cheap Louis Vuitton Designer Handbags. Placing your rotary cutter along the ruler's right-hand edge and holding the ruler firmly with your left hand, run the blade along the ruler, as in Step 3 of Squaring Up the Fabric Edge, left. Sew all the way round the bag about 3cm (1 !4in) in from the edge, attaching the handles at the same time, as shown in Figure H. Referring to the photograph opposite and Diagram 4 for placement, lay out seven of unit 1 and two of unit 2; sew together, carefully matching seams, to make a pieced Four-Patch row. Cheap Louis Vuitton Designer Handbags.