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I can use the photocopier to enlarge it, and make several copies if necessary. run your thread under the first stitches and secure it to complete the penny rug. Stiffen the material with fibre felt if desired before you start. How To Get Louis Vuitton Cheap. Referring to the photograph opposite for color placement, repeat steps 2 through 4 using marked red, blue, and gold print V squares and the remaining light print l- rectangles to make a total of 82 inner sashing strips. This antique quilt was hand-quilted in a 1"- diagonal grid that changes direction several times within the quilt, 3. The bodies of figures arc sewn from flesh-coloured fabrics, while the pigs and geese (pages 44 -49) arc made from sand-coloured and white material. How To Get Louis Vuitton Cheap.