Louis Vuitton Courtney Clutch Replica

Each pieced block set should measure 2" square, including seam allowances. Cut and piece the muslin 2x42" strips to make the following: 22x78" border strips 22x67" border strips 2. The pieced triangle square should measure 21" square, including the seam allowances. Louis Vuitton Courtney Clutch Replica. Cut two pieces of material and t wo pieces of high-volume fibre felt large enough for the whole pattern part and iron the fibre felt onto the wrong side ol the material pieces. Referring to Diagram 1 for placement, baste a basket handle to a beige print large triangle. Aligning raw edges and using a W seam, baste the folded strip to the quilt top to make the piping; miter the comers. Louis Vuitton Courtney Clutch Replica.