Louis Vuitton Designer Bags Replicas

Push a little stuffing into the body and tic a cord around the neck to form the angelís necklace. CUTTING AND SUBCUTTING STRIPS To use a rotary cutter to its greatest advantage, first cut a strip of fabric, then subcut the strip into specific sizes. Cut a piece of material twice as large as the desired size, adding a generous seam allowance. Louis Vuitton Designer Bags Replicas. Cut the Fabrics To make the best use of your fabrics, cut the pieces in the order that follows. Fold a piece of material large enough for the pocket right side to right side, draw the outline and sew all the way round the edge of the pocket. Repeat Step 1 using the remaining batik triangles and 3W squares to make a total of 56 Diamond in the Square blocks. Louis Vuitton Designer Bags Replicas.