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The instructions do not contain any dimensions as the bag can be sewn in any size to suit the gifts you are giving. WINGS The pattern for the wings has a fold-line on it and should be twice as large as shown. Cut a piece of material and a piece of lining material twice as large as the stocking, and sew these picccs together. Louis Vuitton Discount Cheap. Referring to the Block Assembly Diagram above and Assemble the Blocks on page 9.9, steps 1 and 2. use two each of the green print D, F, H, J, and pieces, two each of the red print D, F and pieces, and four each of the cream print. To avoid pushing the tip of the stick through the material, cut off a small section so that it is less pointed. Skate blades: Bend the zinc wire into a curlcd tip for a blade by gripping in pliers and t wisting the rest of the wire around the pliers. Louis Vuitton Discount Cheap.