Louis Vuitton Luggage Vintage Leather

The woollen felt dots are made by cutting small circles of felt and sewing them to the model using buttonhole stitch. Referring to the photograph opposite, lay out the 42 pieced blocks in seven horizontal rows. Referring to the full-size pattern on Pattern Sheet 2 for placement, baste four stems onto each of the five solid cream 20"-square applique foundations. Louis Vuitton Luggage Vintage Leather. Assemble the Blocks Following the steps outlined in Foundation-Piecing Method on page 114 and referring to the photograph opposite and the Rooster Block Assembly Diagram for color placement, cut out the fabric pieces and use the foundation patterns to assemble the individual units or blocks. Cut out the figure and fold and sew the bottom corners so that the seams arc parallel to each other and form a base, as shown in Figure B. Press the seam allowance toward the solid black triangle. Louis Vuitton Luggage Vintage Leather.