Louis Vuitton Replica Keepall

Prewashing fabric offers quilters certainty as its main advantage. Materials Vi yard of yellow print for blocks, setting square and setting triangles Scraps of assorted black, brown, blue, orange, and yellow prints for blocks yard of black-and-white print for blocks and binding V yard of backing fabric 18x41" of quilt batting Lightweight, nonwoven interfacing Black, 05 point Pigma Micron pen Finished table runner. Press the seam allowances in one direction, alternating the direction with each row. Louis Vuitton Replica Keepall. I wanted the large stars to be the blues and greens, and the small stars to be the yellows through the oranges. To duplicate this look, cut your squares accordingly. Use a pin with a round head on the snout of the hobby reindeer (pages 116117) to produce a larger highlight spot. Louis Vuitton Replica Keepall.