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Then rotate the tracing paper, aligning the half-pattern on the opposite side of the crease to trace the other half of the pattern. Referring to the photograph opposite for placement, lay out the blocks, sashing units, and nine blue print 2V" squares in seven horizontal rows. Cut and Assemble the Wheel of Fortune Blocks For each block, designer Karen Stone used seven fabrics (see the detail photograph below) one for the center circle, two for the swirl circle, two for the sawtooth circle, and two for the background square. Louis Vuitton Sale Shop. For the block centers, cut a 3W' square template from transparent template plastic and lay it on the zebra print to determine which portion you want to include. Tie a bow on the back so that the strips sit firmly on the shoulders. Since all subsequent cuts will be measured from this straight edge, squaring up the fabric edge is an important step. Louis Vuitton Sale Shop.