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Running Stitch Rock the needle in and out through both the applique piece and the foundation, staying about Blanket Stitch Twelve Trumpets BED QUILT Select lively prints for the setting strips and you can forge the muted-color appliques of the original project. Swirl Editor Heidi Kaisand considers this antique quilt one of the jewels in her personal collection. Iron the fibre felt strips onto the wrong side of the material strips, distributing rhe seam allowance on the material equally on each side of the fibre felt. Louis Vuitton Texas Store. Fold in the seam allowance round the openings on the arms. Position a second turquoise print 2x3" rectangle under the trimmed purple piece with the right edge a scant V beyond the second stitching line. Then add the short muslin border strips to the short edges of the pieced quill center to complete the quilt top. Louis Vuitton Texas Store.