Louis Vuitton Totally GM Replica

To make templates of the patterns, follow the instructions in Quilters Schoolhouse. Layer each marked black sateen 4" square atop an assorted dark print 4" square. Referring to Cut and Assemble the Wheel of Fortune Blocks on page 38, Step 1. use the cream print and red stripe A pieces to make a swirl circle. Louis Vuitton Totally GM Replica. If you want a rustic cffcct you can brush the teddy with a little textile stamp pad ink using a dry paintbrush, as described on page 12. Stitch the reversing openings in the legs closed and attach the legs to the figure with pins so that you can position them correctly before sewing them on. Fix the blade to the bottom of the skate with glue, as well as tacking it with thread, as shown in Figure B. Louis Vuitton Totally GM Replica.