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Fold the seam allowance inwards on one long edge and the two short edges of each piece of material. Referring to the Quilt Assembly Diagram for placement, lay out the 12 Basket blocks, the six tan-and-white print 13" setting squares, 10 tan-and-white print setting triangles, and the four tan-and-white print corner triangles in diagonal rows. Sew together the pieces along all four edges to make a pillow cover. Louis Vuitton Wallet Online Shopping. Put a perforated foundation paper on top of the turquoise rectangle, positioning the rectangles so their aligned edges are a scant 1" beyond the first stitching line and their top edges extend about V" above the top of the arc (see Diagram 6). Using matching threads and a machine zigzag stitch, applique the vines and stems in place. But beware! The pressure of trying to create the perfect Christmas may also mean that we set our ambitions too high. Louis Vuitton Wallet Online Shopping.