Monogram Multicolore Louis Vuitton Bag

Fold in the seam allowance around the opening on the body, insert the legs and sew in place. Referring to the photograph opposite, sew the two sawtooth sashing strips to the red plaid 1" strip to make a sashing unit. Cut two pieces of material and t wo pieces of high-volume fibre felt large enough for the whole pattern part and iron the fibre felt onto the wrong side ol the material pieces. Monogram Multicolore Louis Vuitton Bag. Sew seams on the wings using a sewing machine, as indicated in the pattern. Lise the black print 22" strips to bind the quilt according to the instructions in Quilter’s School house, which begins on page 150. Press the seam allowances toward the inner border. Monogram Multicolore Louis Vuitton Bag.