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Referring to the photograph on page 27% lay out the 20 appliqued blocks, the 12 light pink print 11" setting squares, and 14 light pink print setting triangles in diagonal rows. Continue adding pieces in numerical order until the unit is completed. Referring to Cut and Assemble the Sashing Units on page 40% Step 2, use a Pattern foundation paper, nine gold print 2" squares, and the red print 2" squares to make a sawtooth sashing strip. Replica Louis Vuitton From China. Create an antique effect for the box and cards in the same way as for cutout pictures on pages 40 41. Sew the long green print inner border strips to the long edges of the pieced quilt center. Cut the sashing strips the length of the fabric (parallel to the selvage). Replica Louis Vuitton From China.