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With right sides together, match edges of 4" x 5 Fabric A piece with Fabric B piece just trimmed as shown. Place second Strap over Santa’s shoulder, and tuck opposite end under Satchel. It consists of four 26 square (unfinished) blocks, two each in two different color combinations Each block is constructed from foundation paper-pieced units and quick corner triangle units. Best Replica Hermes Wallet. With right sides together, position one water fabric scrap on lighthouse fabric, matching edges with the piece just trimmed. Referring to photo, use index linger to lightly apply Rub ‘n Buff on high surfaces of plaster. The term 'shell' refers to a very simple shape, like a block, from which it differs by containing adjustable seam allowances so that it can be made up and tried on the person or dress stand. Best Replica Hermes Wallet.