Hermes Bags Small

Cut out Tree Base, trimming baiting close to stitching, and leaving W'-wide scam allowance. After star shape is formed, wrap six inch end around wire to close fop of star. This comer triangle is sewn in the opposite direction as the one in step I. Hermes Bags Small. Turn right side out and fold cuff lengthwise, wrong sides together, to form a tithe. Arrange 4V2" x 36V2" Fabric B strip, 1" x 36V2" Fabric G strip, Row 1, Patchwork Sashing from step 6, Row 2, Patchwork Sashing, Row 3, and 4V2" x 36V2 Fabric B strip. Using 4"-wide seam, sew around edges, trim corners, turn right side out, and press. Hermes Bags Small.