Hermes Kelly Black Leather

Fold cuff piece in half lengthwise and press lo mark cuff edge. Refer to Adding the Borders on page 80 to add 1wide First and 2"-wide Outside Border strips to top, bottom, and sides of quilt. Deck the halls with an angel-topped tree trimmed with star ornaments and displayed in an elegant urn. Hermes Kelly Black Leather. Mix textile medium (available in craf) stores with acrylic craft paints in the proportion sf*H ified on the textile medium bottle, paint, allow to tin thoroughly, then set paint with a dry iron Retta and Debbie haw been friends for nearly twenty years, ever since they worked together at the jilting Bee in Spokane. Note: Follow this procedure throughout entire project, positioning Whitecaps along the bottom edge of unit prior to sewing on next piece. Referring to photo and layout on pages 34-35, sew three units from step 1 together to make horizontal row. Hermes Kelly Black Leather.