Hermes Replica Kelly Bags

Sew pieces together to make one 49" x 80" (approximate) backing piece. Cut star shapes from organza and fuse orgenza star to right side of gold felt from step 2. Refer lo Couching Technique on page Using a cording foot or open-toe embroidery foot, metallic thread, and a zigzag stitch, couch cording along marked lines. Hermes Replica Kelly Bags. Copy the pattern on to card and add the notches to make your own block. However, I just couldn't resist the idea, and within 24 hours of that conversation, I completed many of my first sketches for the line and that was the beginning of a new and immensely enjoyable venture. A frequent problem for pattern cutters is to know how to construct a pattern for a part of a garment which is obviously easier to do on the dress stand. Hermes Replica Kelly Bags.