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Use pencil to draw a curved candy cane pattern on ivory section. Note: Follow this procedure throughout entire project, positioning Whitecaps along the bottom edge of unit prior to sewing on next piece. Where a number of similar garment designs may be required (for instance, when working in a design room) a good investment would be to make starter blocks for advanced styles for permanent use. Buy Hermes Birkin Bag Australia. Several different stitches can be used: small narrow zig zag stitch, satin stitch, blanket stitch, or another decorative machine si itch. Create an exquisite holiday tree with this unique assortment of beautiful ornaments. These adjustments, instead of being made individually for each separate design, need be done once only, the alterations marked on the new block, and the tightened shape recorded as a new secondary block specifically for a certain type of garment. Buy Hermes Birkin Bag Australia.