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Accurate seam allowances are always important, but especially when the quilt top contains multiple pieced borders with lots of blocks and seams! If each seam is off as little as Zu'\ you'll soon find yourself struggling with components that just won’t fit. Refer lo Couching Technique on page Using a cording foot or open-toe embroidery foot, metallic thread, and a zigzag stitch, couch cording along marked lines. Sew pieces together to make one 49" x 80" (approximate) backing piece. Buy Hermes Kelly Canada. Using snowflake stencil and stencil brush, randomly stencil snowflakes on lower portion of pot, using a light touch so snowflakes are somewhat sheer Dip the flat tip of brush into paint, swirl onto a paper towel to remove most of paint. Accent the Paint Box Quilt with these clever and colorful pillows that add dimension and geometry to a room. Fold cuff piece in half lengthwise and press lo mark cuff edge. Buy Hermes Kelly Canada.