NWO Cluster NDNS+

Target group: NDNS+ researchers.

  • contributions to workshops/conferences in the Netherlands.
  • organization of the NDNS + part of the Dutch Mathematical Congress (NMC) new style, including an extra connecting NDNS + day. This activity ensures community building and expertise exchange.
  • organization of a two-day meeting for NDNS+ PhD’s to stimulate community building between PhD’s and to broaden their horizons.

Information:  Support can be requested for workshops and conferences to a maximum of 2500€. There should be a clear link to the NDNS+ cluster. For smaller events, one or two days, there is a maximum of 1000€.  In individual cases the Management Committee (MC) of NDNS+ may allow higher requests.

How to apply?
Please fill out the following Funding event appliciaton form and send it to the board of NDNS+ at: info-sacs-ewi@utwente.nl .

The MC of NDNS+  will check whether sufficient funds are still available and communicate the decision to the applicant within two weeks of submission. When your request is awarded you will receive an award letter explaining the rest of the procedure.