NWO Cluster NDNS+

Target group:  PhD’s in NDNS+ research groups.

What can you apply for?
These travel grants are for longer (1-3 months) extended  international research visits /collaborative work from PhDs, not for attending conferences or workshops.
The minimum stay is one month. NDNS+ travel grants can cover your airfare or train ticket plus a maximum of €1.750 per month for living expenses. The maximum grant is €6.000 (total).

Who can apply?
PhD students in NDNS+ (the local team leaders decide who is in NDNS+).
Your trip must take place during your PhD (i.e. after you start and before you finish your PhD).

When to apply?
At least one month before your planned visit.

How to apply?
Please fill out the following PhD Travel Appliciaton form. The application should be submitted to your local team leader (see below), who must approve it and forward it to info-sacs-ewi@utwente.nl

The head of NDNS+ will check whether sufficient funds are still available and communicate the decision to the applicant and the local team leader within two weeks of submission. When your request is awarded you will receive an award letter explaining the rest of the procedure.