The workshop "Dynamics of Nonlinear Waves" takes place between 24 and 28 April 2006 in Groningen.



Nonlinear waves act as information carriers in models of phenomena arising in areas ranging from neurobiology and optical communications to oceanography and geo-physics. Although linear and nonlinear waves are a well-studied subject in applied mathematics, the research area of nonlinear waves has in recent years gained renewed impetus through a cross-fertilization between classical analysis, dynamical systems theory, numerical simulations and the interaction with applications, especially in the earth and life sciences.

This workshop can be seen as the third in a sequence of workshops with the same title and subject (Oberwolfach, January 2003; CIRM Luminy, October 2004). The aim of this and the previous workshops is to focus on specific aspects of the rapidly developing field of nonlinear wave dynamics, such as

  • Wave interactions
  • Stability in higher spatial dimensions
  • Defects