Researchers in the NDNS+ cluster can apply for financial support for organising workshops or conferences in the Netherlands. There should be a clear connection to the NDNS+ cluster, both in scientific scope and in expected participants.

Support can be requested to a maximum of 2500 euros. For smaller events, one or two days, there is a maximum of 1000 euros. In individual cases the NDNS+ Board may allow higher requests.

How to apply: Please fill out the funding event application form and send it to the board of NDNS+ at

Decision: The NDNS+ Board will collect proposals and assess them at a few moments in the year (next dates: 30 June 2024; 31 October 2024), based on alignment with NDNS+ research themes and availability of funds, and communicate the decision to the applicant. If your request is awarded you will receive an award letter explaining the further procedure.

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